Flipbook, blank (2001)

Author's sample script, wroks, hints.
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Flipbook, blank (2001)

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Visit the web site, follow the instruction described in "Quick Start" page, and run the attached file using ptsxpy. You should get a scene animation. (For tS4.3, turn animation switch to "scene" before play the animation.) Click "Play" button that should be near the top-left or bottom of trueSpace for dafault, or drag "<-->" button for "current frame number" to check the animation. Add lights and other objects by your hand and render to a file.

This script demonstrates how to create a skeleton, to attach skin to a skeleton, to pull a bone, and to record keyframe for an animation.
Tested with ( ptsx3py ver.0, ptsx2py ver.0 ) x ( tS6.6 of 7, tS5.1, tS4.3 ).

edited on Mar 12 2019:
Updated the attached script file, 1d->1e so that it can be run with ptsxpy 0.0.7.

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